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The Best of Both Worlds

As with most things, YogaBounce® was created out of necessity & is something I have been using on & off since 2006.

During my twenties, I absolutely loved running. Unfortunately, by my early thirties, the knees were injured due to overuse so I had to give it up. Fortunately, by this time I had taken up yoga.

As much as I loved yoga, I missed the adrenaline rush of running. So when I moved to a new gym which had a Rebounder (mini trampoline) I was immediately drawn to it. It's amazing how quickly it gets the heart pumping. In between the bursts of cardio I began to add yoga stretches & balances - to get my breath back - & after about half an hour I felt like I'd had a complete workout! Quite simple really.

So will you be the first to start the YogaBounce® trend in your community? Grab a friend & challenge each other.

It's guaranteed to make you feel better!

Email me & let me know how you get on.

I started a 10-week program of YogaBounce® with Shelley and I can honestly say it's the best exercise I have ever done. Not only is it fun and achievable, it actually works and you can feel the difference each time you do it.

My mood and agility improved immensely with every session. Previously, exercising placed strain on my knees and I would get tired quickly but using the rebounder takes away any strain on my joints and the yoga is much more concentrated. I would highly recommend YogaBounce® to anyone who wants to exercise and have fun at the same time. I'm hooked for life!

Samantha Foster, NZ

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