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Train Smarter NOT Harder with

New Zealand's first official

Yoga Sports Coach™


$40 for 30 minute private tuition.

Half-price for the second session in the same week.

You've obviously heard by now that more & more athletes are turning to yoga for various reasons. In short, yoga can keep you in the game for longer by maximising your performance & minimising your injuries. You're probably wondering how.

Well did you know that by correcting your posture you improve your breathing which increases your endurance? Also, proper alignment puts less stress on your joints. Very simple but extremely effective.

With one on one tuition, we can concentrate on exactly what you need.

Whether you have muscle imbalances through one-sided sports or have lost all range of motion from bulking up, yoga can help.

Maybe you don't consider yourself an athlete but have an injury which is preventing you from continuing with your normal routine, yoga can help.

Or are you stressed out with kids and/or work? Guess what, yoga can help.

Call me for a free consultation. Client confidentiality guaranteed.

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