Yoga 121 Sports Coach - Whangaparaoa, Auckland -     021 0241 4242 (Hibiscus Coast)

Over the past 20 years, I've experienced many different yoga 'environments'.
I've taught classes on beaches from Scotland to Tahiti, on military bases, on sports fields and for one blissful year, in a room full of cats! (Sadly, The Cat Lounge is now sold/for sale.) I am constantly exploring when it comes to yoga which is how I came about YogaBounce® - check the previous page for details. 

My intention is to normalise yoga and encourage everyone to give it a go. Especially the sceptics. During the first few months of going to classes, I felt very uncomfortable when any reference was made to spirituality or even when the word 'namaste' was used. And there was absolutely no way I was going to "om"! To be totally honest, I only took it up due to all the celebrities raving about it. Nevertheless, I fell in love with the practice straight away as it came very naturally to me. Just moving with the breath felt so peaceful and I finally got the mind, body, spirit connection.

In 2006, I became a qualified Yoga Alliance Teacher (kindly paid for by the Royal Air Force) and in 2010 I retired from the military after 17 years service. 

In January 2011, I started the Free Yoga On The Beach classes close to my home as I knew I would need a good reason to get up early each day.

In 2013, I studied Yoga Sports Science to enable me to work more closely with athletes, sports teams, and students with specific injuries.

In 2015, I patented YogaBounce® and wrote the accompanying eBook 
YogaBounce®: The Best of Both Worldsavailable on Amazon.

In 2017, I published my first paperback Mindful Eating: Have Your Cake and Eat It Too! - also available on Amazon and possibly your local library.

In 2019 - to be continued ....................... 

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