Yoga 121 Sports Coach - Whangaparaoa, Auckland -     021 0241 4242 (Hibiscus Coast)

I've been practising yoga since 1999 & after only a couple of years, I began teaching curious friends & family. In 2006 I became a qualified teacher courtesy of the Royal Air Force (Yoga Alliance - 200hrs). At the time I had no intention of leaving the military for the foreseeable future and was happy to continue regular classes on base. However, only 4 years later I experienced a "shift" in consciousness and decided it was time for early retirement.

Within two months of civvy street, I started the free yoga on the beach as I was going to be doing it anyway whether anyone joined me or not. I found that exercising in the morning sun in a beautiful location changed my whole perception for the rest of the day. It wasn't long before I realised that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life!

I was looking to take my teacher training to the next level but wasn't interested in learning any more about yoga philosophy, mudras or mantras. I eventually found Yoga Sports Science which shared my own views on the physiological & mental benefits of yoga without the need for delving into the spiritual side. Although I have my own personal beliefs now, during those early yoga classes I felt very uncomfortable with any mention of spirituality or "namaste". So I understand those who are hesitant to try yoga. And to be honest, I love nothing more than introducing someone to yoga who would never have dreamed of giving it a go. 
I am convinced that everyone can find some benefit from yoga.

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