Yoga 121 Sports Coach - Whangaparaoa, Auckland -     021 0241 4242 (Hibiscus Coast)
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Sunday 18th June 2017 11-11:45am $10 donation

YOGA sponsored by Smart Health & Fitness NZ
Mondays 10:15-11am $15 at HEALTH HUB

CHAIR YOGA sponsored by Smart Health & Fitness NZ
Mondays 11-11:30am $5 at HEALTH HUB

STRETCH sponsored by Smart Health & Fitness NZ
30-minute class to improve breathing, posture, balance, flexibility
 & to combat the dreaded 'adrenal fatigue'
HEALTH HUB - 55 Karepiro Drive, Whangaparaoa
 Wednesdays 6:30pm $10 

YogaBounce®   EXCLUSIVE to FFS
for the best of both worlds using a rebounder for High-Intensity Cardio 
as well as a more challenging balance routine
FITTER FASTER STRONGER gym -625B Whangaparaoa Rd
 Tue 7pm, Thu 6:15pm & Fri 11am
FREE for FFS members or $10 per class

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL as spaces are limited 
and I travel internationally to teach (Text/Email Shelley)

Shelley is an expert in what she does, and very meticulous in her studies. She also seems to have an intuition for finding the right approach and the perfect solution every time.  
Jon Stone, US

When Shelley first suggested that I should come along to one of her classes, I must admit I was skeptical. I like to run and go to circuit training, work out with a punch bag. Yoga, me, are you serious! When I did go it was because she is my frined and I wanted to support her, but it only took one session and I was hooked. What can I say; balance, flexibility, core strength all improved and the effect on my stress levels was fantastic. I even talked some colleagues into going along. It became part of my training regime and I miss it now Shelley has moved on.
Rich Brown, RNZAF

I love Shelley's yoga classes. her directions are calm and clear, and the class flows, giving a great stretch and workout. You're left feeling taller, stronger and refreshed - ready to take on the day.
Susan Hubbard, CANADA

I am new to Yoga, having dabbled unsuccessfully with large Pilates classes in the past. Last year I had a spinal fusion operation so I was keen to get fitter, but without risking my back. I was recommended to Shelley and she has given me exactly what I need, with one-to-one tuition. She is at all times conscious of the need to avoid any exercise or pose that would cause damage.  Shelley is very friendly and constructive; she acknowledges improvements and knows when to push a little harder. We spend half the year in NZ and half in the UK, travelling north this weekend, so I just hope I can find someone with the same approach as Shelley to continue the good work back in England. 
Malcolm Garrett, UK

As a newbie to yoga I have found Shelley to be a great instructor. I thoroughly enjoy her approach. The yoga on the beach was a great introduction and a great way to start the day in summer. I've followed on to her regular classes, and noticed definite improvement. She always has ideas for staging development through the various poses so that as a beginner you don't feel overwhelmed. The classes are consistent but varied to keep things interesting.
Trevor Wilson, NZ

Targeted and specific guidance and instruction with just the right amount of underpinning knowledge to help you understand what you need to do and why.
 Susan Bedford, UK

I have been doing yoga with Shelley for four years. I have and keep enjoying my yoga time with her as she always makes it an enjoyable yet challenging experience.
Ralph Duggan, NZ

Is she the best?
I think so... Shelley takes a fitness conditioning approach to yoga with the aim of increasing flexibility, agility and strength. It is not a spiritual style but she does insist on a good relaxation session at the end which lets the body and the mind wind down. This can actually be the hardest part at first but, when you get it, the technique comes in very handy in other spheres of life! While it is a sports style it suits everyone - old and young - fit and not so fit.Shelley tailors the sessions to suit the people she has. Her Free Yoga on the Beach sessions in Summer attract people from all walks of life an all ages - and everyone loves it. Generally her studio classes are small and you get personal attention - every time. I am relatively new to yoga but I really do recommend it. It has done wonders for my back and knees and I am sure it made me 10 years younger!!
Barry Newport, NZ

Shelley is a fantastic yoga instructor. I've done yoga on and off in many countries for years now, and some of the instructors I've had have pushed me into positions, and even insulted members of the class if they couldn't do it, but Shelley has infinite patience, and rather tells you what to alter on a position yourself, so you know how it feels, and can go to your own limits. She's friendly, knowledgeable, and has made a huge difference in my body strength and flexibility. I never feel overstretched or sore, and always feel relaxed and energised after her sessions. Highly recommended indeed!
Debbie Bate, NZ

Shelley is a great yoga teacher. I always feel good after her class. She is very experienced and highly qualified. I have been overseas for a few weeks and miss her yoga classes a lot. I am looking forward to resuming again on my return. Shelley is very caring of our local community and even offers free yoga on the beach in summer.
Sheila Hussona, NZ

Shelley is a highly experienced and qualified instructor who not only demonstrates inclusion for all levels within her classes but also shows great community awareness through her actions an example of which is Free Yoga on the beach over summer.
I would highly recommend Shelley to anyone seeking best in class instruction physically and spiritually.
Mark Broome, NZ

I never wanted to do yoga or meditation BUT  6 of us were assigned to Shelley as our much loved Pilates instructor went over-seas for a couple of months. 5 weeks later we are hooked on Yoga and really enjoy our sessions with Shelley. She has guided us through the fledgling stages and we all feel marvellous. Thank you Shelley.
Mary Greig-Clayton, NZ
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